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Message exchange by e-mail is one of the most used methods of communication. At the same time, e-mail is entirely open for unauthorised intrusion and copying, which leads to unacceptable risk and often to systematic breaches of the organisation’s security policy when vital business or sensitive personal information is sent in this way.


In addition, e-mail is technically and organisationally unstructured, which leads to unwanted complexity for the organisation when managing communicated information. As a result, e-mail is less useful than it could be and message exchange must often be carried out in other less appropriate ways. Also, the fact that it remains quite inaccessible for the organisation may in itself by a breach of regulations, in respect of Sarbanes-Oxley, for example.


Making e-mail secure, structured, traceable and reusable for the organisation realises this channel as one of the most important instruments for IT cooperation.


Effective and legally binding IT cooperation releases the profits, which public administration and business wish to create, by making value chains and IT cooperation channels electronically secure.


MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS’s vision is to make message exchange secure and effective from one end to another. The MessageMan product delivers with that goal in mind.



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