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MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS is an innovation company which from 2006 delivers

the Protectoria service through its unique business strategy:


Protectoria deliveres an internet service to sending customers.

Every receiving party is covered by the sender’s subscription and security policy.

Secure email can therefore be transferred instantly and globally without any pre-requisites.



The service covers the following requirements:


- securing of personal data protection and sensitive business information


- ensuring the effectiveness of e-mail, system-to-system and instant messaging by making these structured, traceable and reusable.


Protectoria makes use of existing local infrastructure of users and user sites.


In addition, social infrastructure is reused for electronic ID, other security mechanisms and identity management, which is delivered through:


- Security portals


- Horizontal and independent validation services  


- Vertical security infrastructure




MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS provides consultancy services associated with secure and efficient exchange of messages in channels and value chains whether it is system-to-system messages, e-mail or otherwise.


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