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MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS was founded in 2005.


Enterprise number: 988 415 944.


The company’s vision and business concept is to ensure secure and efficient exchange of messages from one end to another.

The company is part of an innovation network involving first-class companies.  


The innovation network provides MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS with a broad contact network, nationally and internationally, in terms of people, technology, brands, distribution and information.


Process factors are also properly taken care of using the same companies’ expertise within product development, production, planning and budgeting activities, as well as the marketing apparatus.


The founders of MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS have a great deal of experience within this new area and the company is knowledgeable about the demands of the market, cost structures and potential income.


MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AS and its innovation network contributes with its MessageMan product to business’s compliance with official and industry requirements, wherever the service production is message-based, either as system-to-system messages, e-mail or otherwise.


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